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How To Pack A Parcel for Fragile Items

by Maria Haider 24 Nov 2021

Fragile items, also known as delicates, are items that get damaged more quickly. Most of the time, fragile items get damaged or broken during the shipment process, and the reason commonly seen for that is inefficient packing. They require more attention as compared to other items when transported from one place to another. Packaging fragile items can sometimes get difficult if you are unaware of the right way to pack them. The blog talks about how to pack a parcel for two kinds of easy-breakable items. One is glass or ceramic items, and the other is jewellery or mobile parcels.

Steps For How To Pack A Parcel For Delicate Items

Below are some easy and informative steps for how to pack your fragile items in the best and easy way.

Choosing The Correct Box Or Bag

The first step is to choose the type of box or bag that goes well with the fragile item. For example, corrugated cardboard boxes are best if a delicate glass or ceramic item is being packed. They are durable made up of corrugated cardboard sheets joined together, providing extra strength to resist weight pressure. A single cardboard sheet includes straight sheets on the outer sides with a single rippled sheet on the inner side.

Corrugated Cardboard Sheet

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In the case of packing lightweight delicates like jewelry, mobile, etc., jiffy bags are good to use. They are envelopes padded with bubble wrap or foam on the inside that act as a protective layer to save the item. They are made in a variety of sizes and are mainly available in two main options. One is a Jiffy Padded Bag, and the other is a Jiffy Bubble Bag. You can choose the type of bag, keeping in view the size and fragility of your item. 

Wrapping The Item

The second step is to wrap the items that are being packed in a box or bag. It is important as it gives the item double protection from any shock that can cause breakage. You can use bubble wrap, old newspaper, or both for glass or ceramic items. If multiple delicate items are packed together in a single box, make sure to wrap every item and use a divider in the box, either cardboard or a styrofoam sheet.

Bubble Wrapping

In case of packing a jewelry item or a mobile, make sure to wrap it in a thin layer of craft or newspaper sheet and then put it in the jiffy bag for extra protection.

Inner Cushioning

After wrapping, the third step is using package cushioning to fill up the unnecessary void space left in the box. Filling up spaces is important as it absorbs external shock and saves the item from breaking. Cushioning used in protective packaging includes bubble wrap, packing peanuts, packaging foam, Styrofoam Sheets, packaging paper, cornstarch pellets, and scrunched-up newspaper. 

If more than one item is packed together in a single box, It is ideal to use cushioning between items to prevent breakage. However, there's no need to use inner cushioning for packing items in jiffy bags as it already has protective padding on the inside.

Inner Cushioning for Better Safety

Sealing The Box

The next step and important step in how to pack a parcel process is sealing the box with good-quality tape. Brown packing tape is best to seal corrugated cardboard boxes as it is durable, adhesive and easily secures the area where the tape is used. The proper way to seal a box is to use the H-taping technique, i.e., applying tape on the flap and seams on the top and bottom of the box.

Box Sealing

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The Jiffy bag is already complete with a self-sealing strip on the inside of the flap. In addition, you can use a strip of tape on the envelope's flap in case you are doubtful that it may open.

Address Labeling

The last and final step is to label the parcel. It should also include all the essential information that the courier company needs. The address label should include the recipient's name, phone number, and exact address stating city, street address, zip code, and a return address if the parcel is not shipped to the first address.

Address Labeling

The label should be placed on the top of the box and secured with either a gum stick, UHU glue, or transparent scotch tape. To make your parcel be treated with extra care by the package handler, add the label "fragile" with the address label. You can either buy readymade fragile stickers or buy boxes and bags already labeled fragile.

Final Words

Packing fragile or damage-prone items sometimes gets difficult, but if handled carefully, it easily reduces the chance of the item from getting damaged. The blog talks about easy steps about how to pack a parcel for your fragile item in the best way.

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