Importance Of Corporate Stationery Designing

People often think that the word stationery means things a person would use to write something on paper, cards, envelopes, etc., but in reality stationery has a broader meaning. Stationery is mass-manufacturing of materials used in writing, such as paper, items like pens, pencils and other office or school stationery supplies. Nowadays, the use of corporate stationery designing is well-known as it is now considered a symbol of social status and etiquette.

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In this blog, we will be focusing on why corporate stationery designing is considered necessary nowadays and why companies still consider it important even in this high-tech work environment. Let us get a quick review of what business stationery designing is.

What Is Corporate Stationery Designing?

Corporate stationery items have their own vital role in many office operations. Even if the workplace is filled with computers, it still can't replace the worth of stationery items. These items help in completing some important office functions effectively and efficiently. 

Importance Of Designing Corporate Stationery

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Every company has a goal to brand their products to customers in the most beautiful and friendly way. Sale of products will not matter much if your branding tactics are weak. Let us picturize a scenario to get a better understanding of how branding works through stationery items.

Imagine yourself walking into a company for your job interview. The manager is sitting across the table and writing down points on a notepad. Meanwhile, think about what you would be doing at that point? You unconsciously start looking around the table and get distracted by the theme of the office stationery. You see the logo on their notepad, pen and other stationery items that catches attention. This is known to be a free branding source as it demonstrates how office stationery leaves its impact on the mind of the person who visits. 

Professional image building of Your Business

As discussed above, many businesses tend to ignore the importance of designing office stationery. They need to understand that designing corporate stationery plays a crucial role in developing a professional image building for your business. It keeps your brand awe-inspiring in the eyes of the client.

Sense Of Motivation Among Employees

Not many business persons are aware that stationery design increases motivation among employees. Employee motivation is a key element in creating a great office environment as they are one of the main reasons a company is managing its operations. 

A dedicated employee is always attached towards the company where he works and considers his pride to work. This pride will always boost up a little when he sees a logo or a motivating tagline on any item. Designing basic stationery properly and attractively may keep the element of encouragement intact. Having an ample supply of well-designed stationery will motivate the employees to work intently. If any office uses badly designed or improper stationery items, it will not help the company to develop the sense of identity of their own brand.

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Important Elements To Consider In Designing Stationery


Logo is considered to be the jewel in office stationery designing as it is one of the first things that a potential customer sees when interacting with your brand through any means. Your logo should serve a visual representation of everything your corporation stands for. The best logo designs are simple, memorable, appropriate, attractive and work well on any stationery item size.

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Adding colours in your office stationery supply design can make a bold statement and really make the client attentive. Using a good colour combination will help make your business stationery stand out. Choose colours that match your company logo to deliver a well-organised look across all your stationery supplies.

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Keeping taglines in office stationery can help the company to promote its brand. Main focus of the tagline is that it passes the company's vision and mission towards people. It communicates to the customer or client about your brand’s ideologies. Incorporating a short attractive tagline with the logo on the stationery will add value to your brand image.

Contact Information

Contact information is important and must not be missed at any cost. It helps in reflecting a positive image of the brand and should appear on every stationery supply that helps in connecting potential clients with the company i.e. business cards, envelopes, notepads etc.

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Quality Of Printing

The final task is to print the logo and tagline on the stationery item. This process requires attention as it can make your stationery look either good or bad. There should not be any misprinting and the tagline or logo text should be readable.

This is why a normal printing shop cannot manage to print design on the stationery in a professional way. You may need to contact a commercial printer to take up this task.

Finals Words

Using branded professional stationery by any corporation can add value to the marketing efforts to succeed. It is essential to have well-designed business stationery in order to make an excellent first impression in the eyes of your clients. The blog starts by defining corporate stationery, the importance of designing stationery supplies and elements to be kept in mind when designing stationery supplies.

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