7 Must Have Student Stationery Supplies In High School

Every year, parents feel stressed out in choosing the right type of stationery item for their children. As kids get promoted to the next class, their needs for stationery items change. Stationery supplies play an essential part in a student's life. These items are considered necessary for students, containing a pen, paper, marker, pencil, notepad or notebook, highlighter, folders, etc., that help every student take important notes during lectures and organize them in a proper and well-designed way. 

This blog will let you know which items are necessary for a high school student. 

Stationery Items

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List Of Student Stationery Items

Following are the Seven essential stationery items that every college student must have;

Pen And Pencil

In higher classes, formal work is usually done with pens. Students at this level are made to use a pen rather than a pencil in their class examinations. A Pencil is used to write quick rough notes or assignment drafts, whereas a pen is used to write final drafts for submission.

Pens & Pencils

Many pen types are available in the market, i.e., ballpoint pens, fountain pens, gel pens, multi-ink pens, etc. The most commonly used pen type is the ballpoint pen. It uses brass or stainless steel tips, which helps a person write quickly and smoothly on a page.  

Notebooks or Notepads

Notepads and notebooks both have their particular uses and purpose. For example, if you want to write important notes quickly, use a notepad. Whereas if you're going to make formal syllabus notes, i.e., writing chapter notes, etc., for showing it to your teacher, use notebooks. Generally, notebooks are used for each subject separately.

Notepads & Notebooks

Mini-Stapler Or Paper-Clip Binders

Paper clips and staplers both serve the main purpose of holding loose paper sheets with each other. They help college students in keeping assignments and other course materials intact and secure. 

Paper Clips & Staplers


A highlighter or luminous pen is also one of the essentials in student stationery. The most common color is fluorescent yellow, but they are also found in red, pink, orange, green, blue, and purple. Usually, students highlight because they want to focus more on important parts of the text.

Highlighters As Stationery


A scale, also called a ruler, is generally a mathematical tool used in technical or geometrical drawings. Students also use a ruler to draw simple margins or dashes. 

Various styles, types, and colors are available, but the most commonly used ruler is 12 inches and 30 centimeters as it is easy to carry around and fits in a pencil case. However, students also use longer rulers of 18 inches and 46 centimeters in some necessary cases.

Student Using Scale For Lining


A marker helps make headings or important words more prominent in a text. Although markers are available in various colors and types are differentiated by the thickness of the tip. The college students mostly are allowed to use black or blue round-tip and calligraphy markers. 

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Simple & Cut Markers


Usually, students give their quizzes and assignments on paper sheets rather than on a copy in high school. In this case, using folders is a good way for college students to keep all of their important assignments and course papers organized in one place. They are available in a variety of colors, textures, types and sizes. 

Student Covering Their Face With Folders


Every student in their college life needs essential stationery items to perform at optimum level. The blog lists out seven basic stationery supplies that every high-school student must have in their backpack to succeed in daily college work in a proper and well-designed way. 

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