Office Equipments

Barcode Stickers

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Gun Tacker

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Gun Tacker Max Japanese Original
Sale priceRs.12,000
Max Gun
Gun Tacker Sensa GT-185Gun Tacker Sensa GT-185

Magnifying Glass

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Deli Magnifying Glass 75mm with LED Light E9099Deli Magnifying Glass 75mm with LED Light E9099
Deli Magnifying Glass 60mm with LED Light E9098Deli Magnifying Glass 60mm with LED Light E9098
Deli Magnifying Glass 50 mmDeli Magnifying Glass 50 mm
Deli Magnifying Glass 60 mm E9091Deli Magnifying Glass 60 mm E9091
Deli Magnifying Glass 75 mm E9090Deli Magnifying Glass 75 mm E9090
Magnifying Glass TH7009
Save 10%
Magnifying Glass Steel Body 70MM
Sale priceRs.950 Regular priceRs.1,050
Magnifying Glass Steel Body
Magnifying Glass Pocket Size50MM No.86034
Magnifying Glass No.111/22D
Magnifying Glass Curved Led G-808Magnifying Glass Curved Led G-808
Magnifying Glass Golden & Brown 90mm
Magnifying glass double 80 MM Golden

Paper Puncher

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Sensa Punch Machine 445
Sale priceRs.645
Sensa Punch Machine 445Sensa
online stationery shop lahore
online stationery shop lahore
online stationery shop lahore
Kw Punch Machine # 978
Sensa Punch Machine 440
Sale priceRs.675
Sensa Punch Machine 440Sensa
Sensa Punch Machine 444
Sale priceRs.1,015
Sensa Punch Machine 444Sensa
Sensa Punch Machine 449
Sale priceRs.3,450
Sensa Punch Machine 449Sensa
Sensa Punch Machine 445
Sale priceRs.860
Sensa Punch Machine 445Sensa
Kw Punch Machine # 09670
online stationery shop lahore

Telephone Index Diary

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Telephone Index #6
Telephone Index #4Telephone Index #4
Telephone Index #7Telephone Index #7
Telephone Index #8Telephone Index #8

Lamination Film & Transparency Sheet

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Sensa Lamination Sheet
Sale priceFrom Rs.650
Sensa Lamination SheetSensa
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Lamination Machine ( A/6)
Sensa Impulse Sealer MachineSensa Impulse Sealer Machine
Sale priceFrom Rs.3,950
Sensa Impulse Sealer MachineSensa
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Save 46%
Lamination Machine Burooj A/3
Sale priceRs.19,295 Regular priceRs.35,550
Lamination Machine Burooj A/3Burooj
Lamination Machine A3 Sensa

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