Sakura Nouvel Carre Pastels Colour Set Of 12

SakuraSKU: T0015990

Size: 12A Colour
Sale priceRs.1,075

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A semi-hard squared pastel.Very smooth and soft application on paper. The square shape is convenient for both detailed and sketch work. The corners provide a sharp point while the side of the stick allows broad strokes.

Clean and easy to use. The pastels will not crumble or powder in hands.
In combination with other materials like watercolors, ink colors, or acrylic colors, very unique and different results are enjoyable.

  • 12A Colour 
  1. White
  2. Gray
  3. Black 
  4. Yellow Ocher 
  5. Green Gray 
  6. Blue Green 
  7. Blue Gray 
  8. Prussian Blue 
  9. Venetian Red
  10. Light Red
  11. Burnt Umber 
  12. Brown Ocher 
  • 12B Colour 
  1. Pink 
  2. Carmine 
  3. Rose
  4. Jaune Brilliant 
  5. Permanent Yellow 
  6. Naples Yellow 
  7. Yellow Ocher 
  8. Olive Green 
  9. Compose Green 
  10. Cobalt Blue 
  11. Purple 
  12. Sepia
  • Made in China

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