Professional Artist Calligraphy Deal No. 32

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Professional Artist Calligraphy Deal no 32

Best Gift to friends, parents, children, and professional artists to enhance calligraphy skills. Ideal for rehearsing and building up your own calligraphy Skills.

Acrylic Paints Deal Included:

  • 1pcs Calligraphy Ink Black. 
  • 1pcs Calligraphy Ink Blue. 
  • 1pcs Calligraphy Ink Red. 
  • 1pcs Calligraphy Ink White.
  • 1pcs Calligraphy Ink Yellow.
  • 1pcs Calligraphy Ink Green.
  • 2pcs Fancy Khatati Qalam.
  • 1pcs Canvas Board (12X18) 1X1.5.
  • 1 pcs Canvas Board 1X1' (12x12).

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