Pastel Gradient Gel Pen

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Pastel Gradient Gel Pen

Introducing the Pastel Gradient Gel Pen – add a touch of softness and elegance to your writing. This set features gel pens with pastel gradient ink, creating smooth transitions of color for a unique and aesthetic writing experience. With their fine tips, they provide precise and smooth lines, perfect for writing, doodling, or drawing. The comfortable grip ensures fatigue-free writing sessions, while the durable ink dries quickly to prevent smudging. Whether you're journaling, note-taking, or creating art, the Pastel Gradient Gel Pens are a versatile and stylish addition to your stationery collection.

  • Gel pens with pastel gradient ink for softness and elegance
  • Smooth transitions of color create a unique writing experience
  • Fine tips provide precise and smooth lines
  • Comfortable grip ensures fatigue-free writing sessions
  • Durable ink dries quickly to prevent smudging

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