Office Supplies Deal No 16

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Sale priceRs.1,850

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Office Supplies Deal no 16 offers super deal of office supplies to ensure that our products are of the highest standard

Office Supplies Deal Included:

  • 1pcs Pen Jar metal mesh round. 
  • 1-pack Post-it Pad With Cut Sensa 3X3. 
  • 1pcs Stapler Sensa #334. 
  • 1dabi Sensa Stapler Pin No10. 
  • 1pcs Sensa Pin Cushion Silver. 
  • 10 pcs box Note Ball Pen - Red - Dollar. 
  • 1pcs Sensa Highlighter # 1007 Yellow. 
  • 1pcs Paper Weight Marble round. 
  • 1pcs Paper Weight Marble Cube shape. 
  • 1pcs Letter opener simple. 
  • 1box Common Pin Blue box Excel. 

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