Mungyo Sculpt Air Dry Clay 250gm Peach

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Mungyo Sculpt Air Dry Clay 250gm Peach

Unleash your creativity with Mungyo Sculpt Air Dry Clay in Peach. Perfect for sculpting, modeling, and crafting projects with a soft, peach-colored finish. This clay is easy to shape and mold, air drying to a smooth, solid texture without the need for baking or firing. Ideal for artists, students, and hobbyists, it allows for detailed work and can be painted or varnished once dry. Whether creating figurines, jewelry, or decorative items, Mungyo Sculpt Clay in Peach offers endless possibilities for artistic expression.

  • Provides a unique and vibrant finish to your creations
  • No baking or firing required
  • Soft and pliable for intricate detailing
  • Dries to a solid, smooth finish
  • Convenient 250g pack suitable for various small projects

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