Mungyo Professional Watercolor

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siize: Set Of 12
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Mungyo Professional Watercolor 

Experience the brilliance of Mungyo Professional Watercolor Set of 12, meticulously crafted to offer vivid color intensity, transparency, and superior dilution. With exceptional lightfastness, these watercolors ensure your artwork stands the test of time. Housed in a luxurious metal case with two fold-out palettes, this set combines convenience with elegance. Whether you're a seasoned artist or just starting your journey, this set is perfect for unleashing your creativity. Give the gift of professional-quality watercolors to the artist in your life and watch their imagination flourish.

  • Mungyo professional watercolours have vivid colour intensity, brilliant and transparent colours with superior dilution and superb lightfastness. 
  • This 12 Halfpan set comes in a convenient and luxurious metal case with two fold-out palettes.
  • The perfect gift for professional Painters!

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