Maries Acrylic Colour Jar 500ml

MariesSKU: T0002499

Color: Titanium White 104
Sale priceRs.1,750

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Maries Acrylic Color Jar 

Introducing Maries Acrylic Colour Jar in 500ml, your ultimate solution for unleashing creativity on a larger canvas. This generous-sized jar is filled with vibrant and long-lasting acrylic paint, perfect for artists seeking bold and expressive results. Whether you're working on large-scale paintings or intricate details, Maries Acrylic Colour delivers exceptional coverage and vivid pigmentation. Its smooth consistency and quick-drying formula ensure effortless application and minimal wait time between layers. Ideal for professional artists, students, and hobbyists alike, the 500ml jar provides ample paint for all your creative endeavors. Elevate your artwork with Maries Acrylic Colour and transform your visions into stunning masterpieces.

  • Maries Acrylic Colour Jar in 500ml size
  • Generous amount of vibrant and long-lasting acrylic paint
  • Perfect for large-scale paintings and intricate details
  • Smooth consistency and quick-drying formula for effortless application
  • Ideal for professional artists, students, and hobbyists


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