Giotto Watercolor 12 Set

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Giotto Watercolor 12 Set

The Giotto Watercolor 12 Set is a high-quality watercolor paint set suitable for artists of all levels. This set typically includes 12 vibrant and transparent watercolor pans, each in a separate color. Giotto watercolors are known for their rich pigments and smooth consistency, making them ideal for various techniques such as washes, glazes, and detailed painting. The set may also come with a brush, allowing for immediate use out of the box. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced artist, the Giotto Watercolor 12 Set provides a versatile and reliable option for creating beautiful watercolor artworks.

  • The Giotto Watercolours paint blocks come in a new, redesigned and easy-to-use shape.
  • The colours are even richer and brighter and easier to spread.
  • Dilute the paint with water for greater transparency and superb watercolour effects.
  • The pads, 30 mm in diameter, are available in new packs with a lid that doubles as a palette, and the practical design prevents water leakage.
  • The pack also contains a good quality brush with synthetic bristles.

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