Dux Eraser No-D45 (45pcs)

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Dux Eraser No-D45 (45pcs)

The Dux Eraser No-D45 offers a reliable and efficient solution for erasing mistakes with ease. With a pack containing 45 erasers, this set ensures an ample supply for extended use at school, work, or home. Crafted with high-quality materials, these erasers provide smooth and precise erasing, leaving behind clean and smudge-free surfaces. Their compact size makes them convenient to carry in pencil cases, pockets, or bags, ensuring they're always on hand when needed. Whether correcting pencil marks on paper or erasing graphite sketches, the Dux Eraser No-D45 delivers consistent performance and durability. With their affordability and effectiveness, these erasers are a practical choice for anyone seeking reliable erasing solutions for everyday tasks.

  • Erase the graphite black lead writing easily in the paper.
  • Soft white rubber eraser.
  • Clean without damage paper surface.
  • Resist breakage even with heavy use.
  • Made of non toxic material.
  • High quality pencil eraser.
  • Super clean dust free.

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