Deli Desk Organizer 9110

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Deli Desk Organizer 9110

Deal with your work area by buying this paper and pen work area coordinator. Presently you can put pencils, markers, scales, cards, coins in a one-in-all coordinator. It keeps all these little articles in a single spot, consequently causing your work area to seem perfect and coordinated. It is incredible for home or office use. A total work area placer for your work area.

  • Deli Desk organizer with 7 compartment
  • Size: 209×103×150mm
  • Weight: 420 gram
  • Feature: 1 drawer, 6 compartments
  • Color: Black
  • Package contains 1 Deli desk organizer, 1 notepad (150 sheets), 1 tape dispenser.

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