Daler Rowney Graduate XL Synthetic Filbert Brush

Daler RowneySKU: T0012836

Size: 40
Sale priceRs.3,975

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Graduate XL Stiff Synthetic Filbert brushes are available in sizes 40, 50, 60, and 70.

  • Extra-large in size.
  • Available in soft & hard hairs.
  • Suitable for traditional, mixed media & urban techniques
  • The light brown tip synthetic bristle is long-lasting and durable but also soft, making it suitable for color washes and for blending. Best suited for watercolor, gouache, and acrylic.
  • The dark brown tip is in hard hairs which is suitable for oil colors, acrylics & working on hard surfaces.
  • Imported from England.

Extra-large brushes from the Daler-Rowney Graduate range. The Graduate Brush range is perfect for beginners and students, offering excellent value for money while maintaining high quality and standards.

Graduate XL is perfectly sized for covering large areas quickly, making it a very useful brush for mural painting, wall art, and application on large canvases. The red-colored stiff synthetic bristle is long-lasting, durable, and springy. Best suited for acrylic and oil painting.

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