Daler Rowney Fw Mixed Media Refillable Paint Markers 1mm Pack Of 2

Sale priceRs.1,695


Each blister-carded pack comes with two empty fw mixed media refillable paint markers. As well as two replacement nibs in 1mm tips.

The nib has hard point and is perfect for fine detail drawing and writing.

FW Mixed Media Paint Markers can be filled with all sorts of liquid media such as Acrylic Inks, Watercolour Paints and Drawing Inks.

Note: (not suitable for pearlescent and metallic inks as these will clog the pens).

These refillable Paint Markers have a clear barrel with measurements in ml on the side. So that you can clearly see what colour you have in your paint pen and how much. It also makes colour mixing easy.

Shake FW Mixed Media Paint Markers before use and clean barrels and nibs out with water when changing the ink colour.

Made In Germany.

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