Crayola Glitter Crayons Pack Of 16 523716

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Crayola Glitter Crayons Pack Of 16 

Open into a world of colorful creativity with the Crayola Glitter Crayons Pack of 16 (523716). Each crayon in this pack is infused with sparkling glitter, adding a dazzling touch to your artwork. The set includes 16 different colors, providing a wide spectrum for artistic expression. These crayons are perfect for coloring, drawing, and crafting, allowing you to create captivating and impressive masterpieces.

  • 16 Dazzling Shades: Includes a stunning assortment of classic and glitter-infused colors to inspire young imaginations.
  • Smooth Application: The creamy formula glides effortlessly across paper, ensuring a joyful and frustration-free coloring experience.
  • Sparkling Effects: Glitter adds a magical touch to drawings, making each creation unique and eye-catching.
  • Washable Formula: Accidents happen! The washable formula cleans easily from clothes and hands, providing peace of mind for parents.
  • Encourages Exploration: Stimulates children's creativity and artistic expression, fostering a love for color and visual storytelling.

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