Carrot Mini Highlighter Marker Pen Pack of 6

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Brighten up your day with these colourful,vibrant, flavorful and juicy looking carrot look alike mini highlighter pens! Add them to your personal collection of adorable stationaries or simply as gift to loved ones to cheers up their day at work or school.
 Perfect for boys and girls with their little hands at work on their art craft, imaginary drawing, study or simply vegetable fruits play. They will adore these cute brightly colored carrots on hand and keeps them occupied and entertained. Fits nicely in small pockets, pencil pen holders for easy carry around and storage.
Comes with 6 assorted soft colors, Pink, Orange, Yellow, Green, Sky Blue and Purple, non-bleed through papers for bible, study notes etc. Beautiful clean soft and humble colors for eye pleasing highlighting unlike eyesore bright neon colored highlighter markers. Light weighted for delicate hands and smoothed casing surface for comfort holds.
Suitable for rewards at school, gift to frequent reader writer friend and family, positive reinforcements to kids who detest reading or homework, alternative for squeeze toys to release tension and stress at work or simply add some energy and decoration at the workplace.

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