Alphabet Mold Silicone Letter Number Molds Large Alphabet 7"*15"

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  • Our epoxy resin molds are made of high-quality silicone material, which is durable and reusable, non-toxic and safe to use, easy to de-mold and can be applied for a long time.  (ABC MOLD)

  • Our epoxy resin molds are lightweight and easy to carry, you can put them in your bag or backpack without taking up too much space.

  • Material: Silicone. Soft, flexible, durable, and reusable, easy to get the mold out. The finished products are very shiny and clear.                                                                                                                                                                                                          
  • After your project is fully cured, it will be easy to pop out of the resin mold. You can use soapy water as a mold-release agent. Keep stored in a dry dust-free area. Stay away from strong acids.

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