Sensa Punch Machine 445

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Sensa Punch Machine 445

The Sensa Punch Machine 445 is a robust and efficient tool used for punching holes in paper, documents, and other materials. This punch machine is typically designed with durable metal construction to ensure longevity and stability during use. It features sharp punching blades that can cleanly and precisely punch holes in multiple sheets of paper at once, depending on the machine's capacity. The Sensa Punch Machine 445 may come with adjustable hole punch heads to accommodate different paper sizes and hole spacing requirements. It is commonly used in offices, schools, and businesses for organizing and binding documents with binders or rings.

  • Sensa office punch sensa op 445.
  • Easy to use & reliable.
  • High quality sensa office punch sensa.
  • Capacity max sheets 60 75 g/m² distance 80mm, two hole punch, hole diameter 6.0mm.
  • color: silver. black & other.
  • 1 piece in box.

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