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Stationery & Personality

by Rehmat Ullah 04 Nov 2022

In an ever-evolving digital world, using analog tools when you don't have to feels like regaining control and committing a minor act of rebellion. A clean page has a calming effect; there's no Twitter to divert attention away from you, and it's simpler to concentrate your thoughts. Writing or drawing in an old-fashioned way is a sensory experience – the sound of graphite moving across paper, the consists of the initial you feel when you place a pen to paper, the smell of cedar as users sharpen a pencil. That cannot be matched by touching a black screen.

When beginning a new task or job, people open a fresh notebook in the hope that they will be more organized or adept at keeping a record this time. Whether or not we do is irrelevant, but stationery can be utilized to start things off on a positive note. When I first got to thinking about this talk, I went to my stationery cupboard and selected my tools. For the very first time in ages, I decided to ink up a fountain pen. I then needed ink-resistant paper, so I could choose an exercise book. Stationers pk is where I usually get my stationery supplies for creative writing.

Truth be told, as you can see, it's simple to lose time, making choices such as this, but I believe the time I got selecting my toolkits, inking up my pen, and testing the paper was beneficial because it gave my brain time to start focusing on my thoughts and consider what I wanted to say. Purchasing these tools from Stationers pk greatly assists in optimizing available time for tool selection. You could argue that the primary role of stationery is to organize and tidy things up, so as a natural control freak, this inevitably makes me feel calmer. It also allows you to be innovative, put your mark on things, and illustrate your style and persona.


There is such a wide range of options. Your tool choices, in addition to what you create with stationery, can make a statement. It's a way of expressing yourself when you don't have as much artistic freedom, such as at school or work. Using items that are not standard indicates that I am concerned with how I manifest myself. Stationers pk is the best partner for providing me with norms and tools in the cautious representation of my personality.

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