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My Painting Gears

by Rehmat Ullah 31 Oct 2022

My painting gear has been through numerous revisions, from carrying a few pencils, a water brush, a small journal, and a pre-made watercolor kit to carrying a large bag filled with everything I adore. Using mixed media in what I do may be rather taxing on the back! Though I also enjoy the visible layers that may be created with inks and watercolors, I like being able to apply opaque paint. In the past, I've brought my own watercolors palette or specific paint tubes, mixing ink and watercolors with gouache or acrylic gouache to achieve the desired consistency. It can take a while, and the procedure is always messy.

My colleagues will attest that I am not the fanciest artist, and by the conclusion of a drawing session, I am generally accompanied by tubes and a quite dirty, sludge-colored palette full of half-dried-out paint that rapidly became unusable. These days, I make an effort to pack practically. I consider the place where I intend to create, do some research, and consider the colors and supplies I might need. Along the way, I've explored a variety of various material combinations, always intending to capture a location's ambiance.

I prefer to use dry mediums like colored pencils and pastels because they are portable and can be blended with a water brush pen. Nonetheless, I always return to water-based paints or inks, and I miss them when I don't have them. I would always bring a white gouache or acrylic gouache and a few individual color combinations that are unusual or difficult to mix. I created my own customized miniature watercolor palettes, but when it came to applying them to paper, I found it difficult to achieve the desired level of opacity without heavily relying on the pencil.

When I tried watercolor gouache for the first time, I discovered that it could help me with a lot of the issues I was facing. The first colors I chose were Indigo, Linden Green, White, and Shell Pink. They were advertised, they sounded intriguing, and I admit that I am a sucker for a fantastic product. However, I was unsure of how they would function and whether they could truly function as both watercolor and gouache. I ended up blowing through my initial tubes so quickly that I had to buy some other Indigo and White, fearful that they might sell out.

When I first decided to paint, I used to look for an online stationery Shop near me that allowed me to find high-quality art supplies for my painting equipment. In search of high-quality painting kits, I looked for a credible online stationery shop near me. However, I think Stationers. pk is the best online stationery shop near me, where I can always find the highest-quality art supplies at prices that are extremely competitive with the market.

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