Wooden Montessori Geometry Creative Peg Board

Sale priceRs.2,500

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  • Geometrical Board: There are 1 wooden board with 64pcs of nails half driven in, 30 pattern cards. The board measures 5.9x5.9x0.6in.
  • Educational Toy: Having in school to learn all types of different 2D shapes and figuring out fractions. Good for kids who love making shapes, letters, designs.
  • Math Learning: is a mathematical manipulative used to simple shapes and more advanced concepts like symmetry, angles, and fractions. It's a good montessori materials for kids to study math, help students understand geometry concepts with hands-on exploration.
  • Multifunction: Hand-eye coordination, space toys, recognize colors while recognizing geometric figures, exercise children's brains, and cultivate children's self-thinking.
  • Sturdy & Durable: The board felt very firm and secure, hold when playing with The bands were also strong and won't have any of break easily.

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