STA Acrylic Paint Marker Pack Of 12

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STA Acrylic Paint Marker Pack Of 12

Colorful, Highlight Paint, Non-Toxic so, don't hurt Harm to the Human Body, It is Friendly, Fast dry, Waterproof, Strong Ability to Cover.
Acrylic Marker also can all it Creative. It is Modem Painter Marker Pen, Buyer Can Use it DIY All Kind Of Medium, 
Use on Clothing, Jeans, Canvas Shoes Goose soft rock, Sculpture Crafts, Glass, It can be used for Most of the Medium, You can use it Art Drawing, DIY Your White T-Shirt In this Summer.

Product Name: Acrylic Marker
Color: 12Color & 24Color
Product Type: DIY Marker Pen & Creative Marker & Art Marker & Paint Marker
Pen Length: 5.63Inch (14.3cm length)
Pen Handle Material: Plastic safe and healthy for the human body and environment.
Pen Tip: Nylon Fiber Tip(Wood Tip)

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