Square Marble Base Office Table Flag

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Square Marble Base Office Table Flag

The Square Marble Base Office Table Flag offers a dignified way to display national pride and connection to one's country. Whether in a professional office setting or a personal workspace, this flag serves as a poignant expression of patriotism. Crafted with high-quality materials, including a marble base and stainless steel rod, it ensures durability and elegance. Available in both small and large sizes, it provides options for various settings. Specifically designed as a Pakistan table flag, it's a special gift to commemorate Independence Day on 14th August. Celebrate national identity and heritage with this symbolic and finely crafted table flag.

  • Pakistan Flag Marble Small & Large
  • Display a flag on your table.
  • It is a great expression to show your link with your country.
  • Get High-Quality Pakistan table flag original.
  • Pakistan table flag with marble base and stainless steel rod special 14 August gift to celebrate independence day.

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