Sensa Water Damper # 721

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Sensa Water Damper # 721

 Sensa Water Damper #721, a versatile tool designed for precision and efficiency. This water damper is ideal for sealing envelopes and postage stamps with ease. Featuring a sleek and ergonomic design, it fits comfortably in your hand for smooth operation. The Sensa Water Damper #721 ensures a consistent flow of water, allowing you to activate adhesive quickly and effectively. Perfect for offices, home use, or small businesses, it offers a mess-free solution for sealing envelopes securely.

  • Plastic water holder with sponge,round case.
  • Easy to be used in bank, office.
  • Sponge Damper Pad. Useful for counting money, paper, notes etc. For moistening gummed labels, envelopes etc. Non-slip base.
  • For moistening gummed labels and envelopes.
  • Premium Quality Desktop Sponge Finger Money Damper.

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