School Stationery Deal No 8

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School Stationery Deal no 8

School Stationery Deal Included:
  • 1pcs Scale Oro Transparent 12 inch.
  • 2pcs Pen Ink Remover Oro.
  • 24pcs Rabbit Sharpener No.100.
  • Eraser Large 3040 (40Pcs) - White - Sensa.
  • 12Pcs Can Goldfish Colour Pencil.
  • 12pcs Dollar Lead Pencil 2Hb No-222.
  • 12pcs Sensa Fountain Pen idea 456.
  • 1pack Goldfish Junior Artist Crayons 9MM # C12-S.
  • 1Pcs Gum Stick Burooj 21Gm ADX White
  • 1pcs Craft Glue 60ML - White - Adx.
  • 1pcs Geometry Pouch Large - China.
  • 1pack Tempo Fiber Tip Marker set 10 Colour.
  • 10pcs pack Dollar Ball Pen Clipper Blue.

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