Sakura Transparent Watercolors Tubes Set Of 12

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Sakura Transparent Watercolors Tubes Set Of 12

Transparent watercolors consist of selected high-quality pigment and medium with professionally made Transparent Watercolours, which are made from the highest-quality pigments and media, you can explore the essence of artistic brilliance. Each colour has a broad range of vivid hues and outstanding fade resistance, so your creations will last for a long time. Conveniently sized in laminated tubes, it's easy to squeeze out the ideal amount for a smooth application. Our watercolours, which come in 12-color sets as well as single shades, have rich pigmentation and easy expansion, making it simple to blend and mix colours to create the colours you want. With our premium pigments, you can achieve remarkable clarity and fade-proof brilliance, taking your artwork to new artistic heights of beauty and class.

  • Wide variety of colors.
  • A good fade resistance.
  • Laminated tubes make it easy to squeeze.
  • Available in 12-color set and single colors.
  • Color is vivid and expanding is smooth.
  • High-quality pigment keeps fade-proof and clear mixing color hue.

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