Sakura Acrylic Medium 75ml Tubes

SakuraSKU: T0014451

Material: Gloss
Sale priceRs.600

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Sakura Acrylic Medium 75ml Tubes

Sakura Acrylic Medium in 75ml tubes. Designed for artists who demand flexibility and durability, this medium enhances paint flow, extends drying time, and improves adhesion to surfaces. Whether you're blending colors, adding texture, or enhancing glossiness, Sakura Acrylic Medium offers endless creative possibilities. Ideal for both beginners experimenting with acrylics and seasoned artists looking to elevate their techniques, these tubes provide consistent performance and professional-quality results.

  • Enhances paint flow and extends drying time
  • Improves adhesion to surfaces
  • Adds texture and enhances glossiness
  • Suitable for various acrylic painting techniques

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