Pelikan Note Pad&Sticky Note Pad 125 mm x 75mm-100 Sheets (2Pack)

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Pelikan Note Pad - Sticky Note Pad 

The Pelikan Note Pad&Sticky Note Pad 125 mm x 75mm-100 Sheets (2Pack) offers convenience and reliability for your note-taking needs. With each pad featuring 100 sheets of yellow-colored sticky notes measuring 125mm x 75mm, they are perfect for jotting down reminders, to-do lists, or meal plans for the week. These high-quality and durable sticky notes are easy to write on and remove without leaving a trace. Whether you're using them at school, the office, or at home, they provide a versatile solution for organizing your thoughts and tasks. Additionally, with two packets included in this set, you'll have an ample supply of sticky notes to keep you organized for longer.

  • Pelikan Yellow Color Notepad 125mm X 75 mm 100Sheets/Pad. Easy to use & reliable.
  • Easy to write in Pelikan Sticky Note 125 Mm X 75 Mm.
  • You can use notes to make a meal plan so you know what you will be eating through the week.
  • Using squared paper and coloring in the squares could be a good way to try out some different designs on paper, before using actual sticky notes.

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