Parker Premier Custom Storm Grey Gold Trim Fountain Pen


Sale priceRs.102,000


Parker 's modern fountain pens from the Premier Custom collection impress with their distinctive and timeless design and highly durable materials. The pens in the Premier Custom collection will delight even the most demanding users who value refined style and quality.

Thepen barrel is made of brass and coated in grey lacquer. It is complemented by a brass cap plated with 23 carat gold, decorated with a unique pattern created by etching. The modern and sober style of the pen is underlined by the combination of the details, which are plated with 23 carat gold, and the sharply cut tip decorated with a minimalist relief, which is made of 18 carat gold. The interplay of the materials used gives it both quality and an interesting design. Due to its unique features, the pen will be a reliable and original partner for all those who value precision and expressiveness of writing.

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