Oro New Edition Trimetal Pencil Jar Pack of 72

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Oro New Edition Trimetal Pencil Jar 

Introducing the Oro New Edition Trimetal Pencil Jar, a premium solution for all your writing needs. Engineered with a secural bonding process (SV), these pencils feature break-resistant leads for uninterrupted writing or sketching sessions. Packaged in a convenient jar of 72, they're perfect for classrooms, offices, or artists' studios. With their ergonomic design, they ensure a comfortable and firm grip for extended use. Say goodbye to flaking points—the Oro pencils maintain their integrity throughout usage. Plus, they're crafted without rainforest wood, ensuring a toxicity-free and environmentally conscious choice for your creative endeavors.

  • Break resistant lead due to the secural bonding process (SV).
  • Available in a jar of 72.
  • Has an ergonomic shape for a firm grip.
  • Points do not flake off
  • Toxicity-free – Doesn’t contain rainforest wood

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