Oro Looper HB Lead Pencil Jar 48 Piece

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Oro Looper HB Lead Pencil Jar 48 Piece

The Oro Looper HB Lead Pencil Jar comes with 48 pencils, ensuring you have an ample supply for all your writing and sketching needs. These pencils boast a comfortable grip, making them ideal for extended writing sessions or detailed sketches. With high-quality wood construction and graphite leads, they offer smooth and consistent performance. Plus, each pencil features a large eraser for easy corrections. Whether you're jotting down notes or creating intricate drawings, the Oro Looper HB Lead Pencils are the perfect choice for writers and artists alike.

  • Oro looper HB pencils 48 pcs jar for best writing.
  • For easy grip and comfortable for writing.
  • High quality with big eraser pencils.
  • Use for writing and sketching.
  • Made of best quality wood and graphite lead.

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