Mungyo Palette Paint Pan Pack of 6


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Mungyo Palette Paint Pan Pack of 6

The Mungyo Palette Paint Pan Pack of 6. This compact set features six vibrant, high-quality paint pans that are perfect for artists of all levels. Each pan delivers rich, highly pigmented colors that blend smoothly and provide excellent coverage on a variety of surfaces. The convenient, portable design makes it easy to take your painting supplies on the go, while the durable pans ensure long-lasting use. Ideal for watercolor, gouache, and other painting techniques, the Mungyo Palette Paint Pan Pack offers a versatile and reliable solution for your creative needs.

  • Set includes 6 vibrant, high-quality paint pans
  • Richly pigmented colors for excellent coverage
  • Smooth blending for seamless color transitions
  • Compact and portable design for on-the-go painting

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