Mungyo Calligraphy Pen Set Of 12 Assorted Colours

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Mungyo Calligraphy Pen Set Of 12 Assorted Colours

Transform your writing with the Mungyo Calligraphy Pen Set of 12 Assorted Colours. Perfect for calligraphy enthusiasts, artists, and hobbyists, this set offers a vibrant array of colors to enhance your creative projects. Each pen features a high-quality chisel tip that provides smooth, consistent ink flow and allows for precise line variation, making it easy to create beautiful lettering and intricate designs. The water-based, quick-drying ink ensures your work remains smudge-free and vibrant. Whether you're crafting personalized cards, creating elegant invitations, or exploring the art of calligraphy, the Mungyo Calligraphy Pen Set delivers the tools you need for stunning results.

  • Set includes 12 calligraphy pens in assorted colors
  • High-quality chisel tips for precise line variation
  • Smooth, consistent ink flow for beautiful lettering
  • Water-based, quick-drying ink to prevent smudging

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