Montessori Pink Tower

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  • The pink tower has ten pink cubes of different sizes, from 1 centimeter up to 10 cm in increments of 1 cm. 
  • The work is designed to provide the child with a concept of "big" and "small."
  • The child starts with the largest cube and puts the second-largest cube on top of it. 
  • This continues until all ten cubes are stacked on top of each other.
  • The control of error is visual. The child sees the cubes are in the wrong order and knows that they should fix them. 
  • The successive dimensions of each cube are such that if the cubes are stacked flush with a corner, the smallest cube may be fit squarely on the ledge of each level.
  • Ten solid wooden cubes varying in size from 1 cubic centimeter to 1 cubic decimeter. 
  • These are pale pink or plain wood. A strong pink must not be used. 
  • If it is used, children are more aware of color than of size. If in plain, lightly varnished wood, a very good hard wood must be used.

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