Mont Marte Woodless Watercolour Pencils Premium 24pc

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Mont Marte Premium Pencil Set - Woodless Watercolour Pencils 24pc

Our Premium Woodless Watercolour Pencils feature a thick core that's packed full of colour. Use them dry or add a splash of water and start painting.

  • High-quality water soluble pigments

  • 7mm core

  • Chip-resistant leads

  • Thin lacquer coating for easy, mess-free use

  • Colours: White, Cadmium Yellow, Gamboge, Tangerine, Orange, Scarlet, Pink, Hot Pink, Crimson, Lavender, Indigo, Purple, Cobalt, Cerulean, Sky Blue, Chartreuse, Phthalo Green, Turquoise, Teal, Viridian, Ochre, Sienna, Burnt Sienna, Black

  • Hold pencil on its side for excellent coverage

  • Use dry or add water to create beautiful watercolour effects

  • Sharpen using a regular sharpener or hobby knife

Care: Keep your Premium Woodless Watercolour Pencils sharp with a conventional sharpener or a hobby knife. If you're using a hobby knife, always sharpen away from yourself under adult supervision. For a finer point try using a sandpaper block or fine-grit sandpaper.

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