Mont Marte Premium Acrylic Medium Gloss 250ml

Sale priceRs.1,615


This versatile medium is perfect for creating glazes, washes and watercolour effects with acrylic paints. It also improves flow which makes it easy for you to achieve smooth, long brushstrokes.

Mix with acrylic paints to create glazes, washes and watercolour effects
Increases paint translucency
Dries to a glossy finish
Improves flow for smooth, long brushstrokes
Can be used as a finishing varnish to protect acrylic paintings
Suitable for a range of surfaces including canvas, linen, cardboard, wood, paper and leather

Use varying amounts to create different levels of paint translucence and flow
Can also be used as a varnish for acrylic artworks
Clean up with water soapy water while wet

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