Marabu Silk Paint 50ml


Color: Raspberry Red 005
Sale priceRs.1,695

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Marabu Silk Paint 

Introducing Marabu Silk Paint 50ml – your go-to choice for vibrant and versatile silk painting. This premium silk paint offers a wide range of vibrant colors that are specially formulated for use on silk fabric. With its smooth and creamy consistency, it's easy to apply and blend, allowing you to create beautiful gradients and intricate details with ease. The quick-drying formula ensures minimal waiting time between layers, so you can work efficiently and achieve stunning results in no time. Whether you're a beginner or experienced artist, Marabu Silk Paint is the perfect companion for expressing your creativity on silk fabric.

  • Offers a wide range of vibrant colors for stunning silk creations.
  • Easy to apply and blend for seamless results.
  • Minimizes waiting time between layers for efficient painting sessions.
  •  Suitable for artists of all levels and various silk painting techniques.
  •  Achieve stunning results with ease, whether you're a beginner or experienced artist.

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