Marabu Fashion Spray 100ml - Reseda 061


Sale priceRs.1,400


Marabu Spray Paint for Fabric: Fun and very colorful!
Your most fashionable dreams come true, now design your clothes with your own style and fully customized.
If you have always wanted to be able to design your own clothes, Marabu's new spray paints for fabric are what you were looking for as they are ideal for it. Discover its wide variety of colors and its multiple application possibilities.
The new water-based Marabu Fashion spray paint is perfect for spraying and applying on fabric. There are different techniques that we can use to achieve the desired result. Thanks to its easy drying, as we already know from the batik technique, it will achieve wonderful effects and also if you use templates for this, you will obtain beautiful and perfect results. There are a wide variety of templates and surely there is one of them that you love.

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