Large Capacity Liquid Highlighter Set of 6 XC-132

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The Pack of 6 Large Capacity Highlighters is a great set of high-quality highlighters designed to help you effectively and efficiently highlight important information in your notes, textbooks, or documents. Each highlighter has a large capacity ink reservoir that provides long-lasting and reliable highlighting performance.


These highlighters come in six different bright and vibrant colors, including pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple, allowing you to color code and categorize your notes or documents with ease. The chisel tip of each highlighter is specially designed to provide precision and control when highlighting, allowing you to easily underline, highlight, or draw attention to specific text or information.


The ink in these highlighters is quick-drying and fade-resistant, ensuring that your highlights remain bold and clear for a long time. They are also designed with a comfortable grip, making them easy and comfortable to use for long periods of time.


Whether you're a student, teacher, or professional, the Pack of 6 Large Capacity Highlighters is a great addition to your stationary collection. With their high-quality ink and vibrant colors, they will help you to efficiently and effectively highlight important information, making studying and note-taking a breeze.

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