Keep Smiling Black & White Charcoal Pencil Kit

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  • 3 Black Charcoal Pencils - 2X Soft Charcoal Pencil , 1XMedium Charcoal Pencil
  • 2 X The Blending stump is one of the most popular tools to use with charcoal. They come in several sizes from small to jumbo and can be sharpened to a fine point.
  • 1X Kneadable Clay Eraser- Kneaded erasers are a charcoal artist’s best friend because they can be used for blending and erasing. The erasers are self-cleaning, and can be formed to a sharp point. They work well for lifting color in tight areas and can be extended or combined with another eraser for large areas. Charcoal can be cleaned from the eraser by working it in your hand for several minutes.

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