Ivr Bank Cheque Verification Marker

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Ivr Bank Cheque Verification Marker

The IVR Bank Cheque Verification Marker is a specialized tool designed for verifying the authenticity of bank cheques quickly and efficiently. Featuring advanced ink technology, this marker is specifically formulated to react with the security features embedded in bank cheques, such as UV ink, security threads, or watermarks. By simply marking the cheque with the IVR Bank Cheque Verification Marker, bank staff or cashiers can easily identify genuine cheques from counterfeit ones, helping to prevent fraud and ensure the security of financial transactions. Compact and easy to use, this verification marker is an essential tool for banks, financial institutions, and businesses that deal with cheque payments, providing peace of mind and added security in cheque processing.

  • Instant Verification (IV) markers
  • Banks cheque verification marker.
  • Security paper checking.
  • Instant cheque verification marker.
  • Only works on original cheque paper prize bound and currency notes.

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