INTEX Unicorn Baby Pool (39.37" x 106.3" x 96.46")


Sale priceRs.7,000

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INTEX Unicorn Baby Pool

Let your little ones embark on a magical aquatic adventure with the INTEX Unicorn Baby Pool. Standing at 39.37 inches tall with a generous width of 106.3 inches by 96.46 inches, this enchanting pool features a whimsical unicorn design that sparks imagination and joy. Ideal for toddlers and small children, it offers ample space for splashing and play. The soft inflatable floor ensures comfort, while the durable vinyl construction ensures long-lasting durability. Easy to set up, inflate, deflate, and store, it's perfect for creating cherished summer memories in your own backyard.

  • Whimsical unicorn design ignites imagination and fun.
  • Generous size accommodates toddlers and small children.
  • Soft inflatable floor enhances comfort during play.
  • Durable vinyl material ensures longevity.

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