Deli Two holes Cup Pencil Sharpener 0551 1Pc

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 Deli Two-Holes Cup Pencil Sharpener

The Deli Two holes Cup Pencil Sharpener 0551 1Pc for standard pencils measuring 8 mm and another for jumbo-sized pencils measuring 12 mm. Each set comes in a vibrant kiwi green color, with a quantity of 3 sharpeners per pack. These sharpeners are versatile and can accommodate different pencil sizes, making them suitable for various needs. The kiwi green color adds a fun and colorful touch to your stationery collection. Get this practical and stylish set for precise sharpening every time.

  • Two-hole pencil sharpener set
  • 1 hole for 8 mm standard pencils, 1 hole for 12 mm jumbo pencils
  • It comes in vibrant kiwi green color
  • Quantity: 3 sharpeners per pack
  • Versatile and suitable for various pencil sizes

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