Daler Rowney Graduate Oil Selection Set 22ml Set of 36

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Daler Rowney Graduate Oil Selection Set 22ml

Experience the rich hues of Daler-Rowney Graduate Oil Paints with 36 tubes of 22 ml each, crafted with 150 years of color-making expertise from the UK. Their high pigment load, good permanency (4 or 3), and refined linseed oil blend ensure easy mixing and consistent performance. Enjoy quick drying in four to five days, offering a low-gloss satin finish unmatched by most oil colors.

  • This Daler-Rowney Graduate Oil Paints set consists of 36 tubes, each containing 22 ml.
  • Graduate Oil Colors draw on Daler-Rowney’s 150 years of experience in color-making, and are still made in the UK.
  • With high pigment loading, a good permanency rating (4 or 3) and a binding of refined linseed oil that makes them easy to mix, they perform to a consistent standard and provide excellent value.
  • You’ll find they dry within four to five days, much quicker than most oil colors, with a low-gloss satin seen.

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