Cute Popcorn Shape Grip Cap Pencil Erasers Pack of 12

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Pencil erasers toppers, suitable for different pencil sizes, attached to the top of the pencil, solved the problem of missing erasers. Cap erasers bring convenience to children when writing, erase handwriting, and change to the correct content.
Food erasers for kids are in the shape of yellow popcorn, which looks realistic and interesting, but the desk pet food should not be eaten. The cute food eraser will make your stationery look unique.
Not only stationery eraser with a correction function, but also unique cute fun novelty erasers.The pencil cap erasers are practical and delicate, and they deserve to be owned by you or your family friends.
Popcorn eraser come in matching carton packaging, 1 boxes in total - 12 per box, 12in total, each about 2 cm. 12popcorns are enough for you to use for a long time, or to share with your classmates, friends, colleagues, etc. And erasers erase handwriting cleanly, leave no stains, not damage the paper.
Pencil top erasers can be used as pencil eraser for kids, party favors, school supplies, student prizes gift award, novelty and cute erasers, learning office stationery, etc. Cute food erasers can be used as interesting stationery for children who love to learn, as lovely gifts for close friends, or as small rewards to encourage students.

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