CHREN Cute Fountain Pen Set Of 3 With Ink Refill

stationers.pkSKU: T0016356

Color: Blue
Sale priceRs.595


  • Chren fountain pen for girls.
  • Pen tip: EF large tip, EF small tip, full needle tube.
  • 1pcs x 0.5mm Fountain pen.
  • 1pcs x 0.38mm Fountain pen.
  • 1pcs x 0.38mm Fountain pen.
  • 4pcs x dark blue Ink.
  • Available in 2 colors: Pink, Blue.
  • Brand: CHREN.
CHREN Quote Fountain Pen CR-3886C Single Pcs. Elif dream theme, increase the fun of writing; fashionable pearl spray paint, enhance the texture of the pen; the pen holder in a positive posture helps correct the posture of the pen, and is a good choice for calligraphy.
1 EF large-tip refillable pen + 1 EF small-tip refillable pen +1 straight liquid type refillable rollerball pen + 4 replaceable ink sacs.
3 pens, 3 types of nibs, to meet different writing needs; each card comes with 2 cute soft dolls, detachable, easy to match, increase the fun of writing.

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