Blaze Storm Manual Soft Bullet Gun Toy with 10pcs ZC7072

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The wonderful play set “Blaze Storm” ZC7072 will appeal to boys who, armed with blasters, will imagine themselves as heroes of a science-fiction film and act out battle scenes, shooting soft bullets from them. Game battles contribute to the development of the child’s imagination and fantasy, and develop the eye.

- Thanks to this set, boys will be able to expand the possibilities of playing “war” and arrange a friendly battle by shooting bullets.
- The set includes 2 blasters of a fantastic design, made in a combination of black, blue and red colors with bullets included.
- The blaster has a comfortable handle; to fire a shot you need to pull the trigger.
- You can load the weapon with bullets made of soft material, so that when they hit the opponent’s body, they do not cause pain and will not cause harm.

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