Abro Masking Tape Milky White 15y

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Size: 6mm X 15Y
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Abro Masking Tape Milky White 15y 1pc

Discover the excellence of Abro Masking Tape in Milky White, featuring 15 yards of premium tape in a single roll. Perfect for both professional and DIY applications, this tape provides strong adhesion with easy removal, ensuring no residue is left behind. The milky white color enhances visibility, allowing for precise application on any surface. Ideal for achieving sharp paint lines and detailed crafts, Abro Masking Tape offers consistent performance for all your projects. Choose Abro for reliable, high-quality results every time.

  • 15 yards of premium masking tape
  • Milky white color for enhanced visibility
  • Strong adhesion, easy removal
  • Leaves no residue behind

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